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Storage media for digital cameras and portable devices
Miniature storage devices are not only used in digital cameras. There exist other devices that also require high capacity and low power consumption: e. g. portable computers, PDAs, digital camcorders, GPS devices, mobile phones, music players (for storing

(2003-02-15 21:54:40)

Olympus Camedia C-2
This camera with 2megapixel resolution was introduced in the autumn 2001 together with some other types of digital cameras. This new type should substitue the older type C1. An interesting price and advanced features make digital images available for comm

(2002-12-04 17:13:50)

Olympus 2100 Ultra Zoom
Short look at the 2-megapixel digital reflex camera, not produced anymore.

(2002-12-04 16:39:22)

Digital Video Camera Recorder (Digital Handycam): Sony DCR-TRV25E
Digital camcorder for home and amateur use. It can be connected to a PC through USB or IEEE1394. It provides web camera functions and can also work as a digital camera for shooting photos.

(2002-11-30 00:00:00)

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