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Samsung SyncMaster 191T
Let us start a little bit untraditionally with a review of the 191T LCD panel and its comparison to the EIZO L565 panel: Excellent image, features and price. 19,1" LCD panel with an image size of a 21" CRT monitor has achieved great ratings. Co

(2003-07-30 18:27:42)

Infocus LP500
InFocus corporation is a very well-known brand in dataprojectors production field. The Infocus LP500 introduced in this article is one of high-end projectors with maximum resolution of 800x600 bringing - for some people lesser known - DLP technology (Digi

(2002-12-12 21:50:28)

17" LCD: EIZO L565
The EIZO company represents a very high quality at the field of monitors and LCD displays, for which a higher price is charged, of course. Here presented 17" flat panel EIZO L565 can be considered a jewel among LCDs.

(2003-05-17 00:00:00)

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