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USB-to-irDA: MI 888
MII888 represents an easy way to gain an infrared computer adapter. It is a suitable solution for portable and desktop computers where the device using wireless communication based on the irDA v. 1.0 and v. 1.1. Enabling receiving and sending data up to

(2003-02-09 22:43:25)

Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro

(2002-12-17 21:36:31)

Basic positioning device, known especially thanks Windows or the Apple computers, where the mouse was first supplied as a standard input device.

(2002-12-17 22:30:27)

Logitech Wingman RumblerPad
Gamepad similar to a classical gamepad that becomes a candidate to replace joystick. Including Force Feedback function.

(2002-12-12 22:43:26)

Logitech Keyboard Cordless Desktop iTouch

(2002-12-17 21:54:01)

Logitech Deluxe Access

(2002-12-26 10:14:12)

Keyboard is a basic computer input device. Its task is the communication with PC by help of entering characters and numbers.

(2002-12-20 21:48:28)

Genius Netscroll+ Optical
New technologies help to improve not only the processors´ speed, but the progress is appreciable in positioning device, as well - the best known is computer mouse. Besides the scroll button the optical movement sensing has also become popular recently.

(2002-12-14 15:30:35)

Dexxa: Optical Wheel Mouse

(2002-12-26 10:09:50)

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