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Ultra ATA/100 Controller Promise TX2

(2002-12-28 11:29:01)

SMART (Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology)
technology designed to monitor the disk's activities and performance, and to warn against possible data loss in case some changes of parameters has been made

(2002-12-14 13:04:20)

Possible problems with installation of a larger disk: WD800

(2003-01-01 14:01:07)

Mobile and cooling racks: introduction of  CoolerMaster DCD-4002 a Mobile RACK
When installing several hard disks into one computer, some problems can appear - not enough 3,5" bays available for the installation, difficult transfer of one or several disks, heat coming from the disks.

(2002-12-28 11:18:25)

Iomega Zip® 100MB USB Powered external drive
The ZIP drive is not unknown for many users. More than one million of them and several times more media have been sold all over the world.

(2002-12-14 12:34:18)

HDD: Possible problems, basic disk maintenance rules: Hard disk substituting

(2003-01-01 11:24:29)

HDD3: Data storage structure (disk's geometry), Coding methods

(2002-12-30 15:02:53)

HDD 6: IDE Interface, Connection (Master, Slave, CS), cabling, UATA100
At present, the IDE interface is the most widespread interface designed for connecting hard disks. IDE refers to disks and devices with integrated controller. Here are some terms concerning IDE:

(2002-12-31 23:26:57)

HDD 5: Interface
Interface: Group of electric and physical standards defining the way of connection and transmission protocols for the disk and other devices.

(2002-12-31 23:24:33)

HDD 4: BIOS and Normal, CHS, LBA modes

(2002-12-30 15:18:13)

HDD 2: Disk characteristics: Technical data

(2002-12-28 12:01:34)

HDD 1: Basic information, particular parts of the disk
History: in first computer, punched tapes were used for the data storage - their problem was in error repairing, demandingness on the tape creating and in many others. Magnetic tapes and first diskettes substituting the hard disk came later with more..

(2002-12-28 12:01:23)

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