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Windows NT 4.0 not work after installation W2K
In case that not apply service pack - after installation Windows 2000 it is impossible start Windows NT 4.0

(2003-01-28 21:09:06)

Windows ME and Windows 2000 in one PC

(2003-01-28 21:10:13)

Upgrading to Windows 2000

(2003-01-26 23:00:00)

A tool determined to prepare duplicating of a PC with installed Windows 2000. It removes all unique security identifiers and prepares the installed computer for duplicating by help of duplicating software

(2003-01-29 15:06:38)

Serves for easy installation of applications from one computer to another. There are so called difference package containing difference files and information about system settings..

(2003-01-29 10:53:46)

In case you do not have a CD drive supporting booting from CD or you have decided to install by help of the network client without using smartdrv you will probably lose more than 15 minutes. Starting the command, a part of the memory is determined for wor

(2003-01-24 22:17:27)

Setup manager and creating an answer file
Most of the programs require entering of a lot of data during the installation. When it is made on a single computer it makes no problems, but when you have more computers it takes a lot of time. As well as in Windows 9x, Office 2000, Internet Explorer an

(2003-01-24 22:26:47)

RIS 7: Unique ID (GUID/UUID)

(2003-01-19 23:38:34)

RIS 6: Problems

(2003-01-19 23:37:41)

RIS 5: Creating a RIPrep image

(2003-01-19 23:36:35)

RIS 4: Service settings on the server

(2003-01-19 23:35:09)

RIS 3: Creating a RIS diskette and supported network adapters

(2003-01-19 23:34:15)

RIS 2: Installation of the service onto Server

(2003-01-19 23:33:04)

RIS 1: Intro, server and client requirements

(2003-01-16 21:16:19)

Integration of the Service pack into the installation files
A lot of administrators also install a service pack with update and correction after installation of Windows 2000, they do not know how to spare the time. It is enough to reverse the mentioned process, first to update the installation files and then to in

(2003-01-29 08:35:53)

Installation W2K 4: Selection of Windows 2000 Components
The selection of components in Windows 2000 has more importance and brings an essential difference - in Windows 9x you can practically choose all components and nothing happens.

(2003-01-08 18:03:40)

Installation W2K 3: Winnt.exe or winnt32.exe

(2003-01-08 13:23:45)

Installation W2K 2: Methods of installation

(2003-01-08 12:10:13)

Installation W2K 1: HCL, minimal HW requirements and Readiness Analyzer
Before the installation itself it is recommended to check if it is possible

(2003-01-08 12:07:31)

Commentary from installation Windows 2000 Server

(2003-01-08 19:04:32)

Commentary from installation Windows 2000 Professional

(2003-01-13 17:32:47)

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